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We have had a lot of family issues take place that has taken us off the air of ESPN, among other areas. So we are looking for some help in getting our momentum back in our pursuit back . So, even its only a $1 or $2. Support us and our movement. We appreciate  it.


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Last night we covered The Finals: Bellator 122 live from Pechanga Resort and Casino from Temecula, CA. You can read the results from the event last night down below in the cross roads section. Also be sure to check out theducrossbros.wordpress.com as well for news. You can add us on facebook by search DuCross Brothers or The DuCross Brothers .



That has been visiting this website over the course of the months. We would like to say thanks for staying up to date even when we are not active, for that we apologize. We have had a lot of personal things happen to us with our family and family comes first in every case but, we have now seem to have everything going in the right direction. So there for we are back again! Now hopefully we will be able to sustain the DuCross Brothers Movement in a positive direction, get this show re launched. Once again your boys will be at Bellator 122 July 25th at Pechanga Resort and Casino.


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Welcome our newest hottie of the month Anita Lee. We have also added an article for the latest news on bellator mma which talks about their upcoming extended coverage on their scheduled programing.


4. 7.14


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I know its been kinda a slow month from us but trust us when we say there is never a shortage of sports talk so be part of our MMA/sports Discussion on our DuCross Brothers Sports Page on Facebook.We will be on hand at Bellator MMA at Pechanga Resort and Casino APRIL 11th. Also we would like to thank Lauren Triani for joining The DuCross Brothers Hottie of the month. Check her section out  by clicking in the upper right hand corner the sexy side to view her bio and pictures.




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welcome Tanya Etessam as our March hottie of the month so please check out her section. Also don't forget to keep checking back for the latest news on MMA right here on The DuCross Brothers. Also be part of MMA Discussion on our DuCross Brothers Sports Page on Facebook





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Thanks for staying up to date with and we are working hard on a few things so just continue to be patient with us a little while longer as we continue to get this up and running on our end to re launch The DuCross Brothers: The Sports Warriors radio show. In the mean time you can read the latest mma news at the bottom in the cross roads section and check out our newest hottie of the month Emmanuelle Ethier.


Emmanuelle Ethier:


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A new year, a new beginning as our return to the internet talk radio is vastly approaching we bring to you our latest hottie of the month the one and only MINDY FOSTER! dedicated to her craft shows a rare insight into her life and routine. So check our her section by clicking on the sexy side in the upper right hand corner to read her bio oh and we have some pics there as well. We would like to say thank you to Mindy for doing this piece for us and joining the list of wonderful females that have graced us.

Before to keep checking back on the status of The DuCross Brothers: Sports Warriors


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Thanks for the continue support of The DuCross Brothers: The Sports Warriors. First thing we would like to announce is that we will be back in action in the new year so be sure to stay tuned for that. Also, we would like to introduce you to our December hottie of the month Nana Kim....Thank you for doing this and supporting us.


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The Brothers would like to introduce our newest hottie of the month Miss Alicia Bell. Check out here section in our sexy side. Also be sure to hit us up on Facebook @theducrossbros and check out the news articles below.



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  • 5.24.11
    First thing we would like to say is thank you to the Co-Creator of Slamball Mason Gordon for coming on our show to discuss the past, future direction of the sport and more. Also, on the show we had topics from the NBA, NHL Playoffs, Major League Baseball's all stars not having the kind of season's many thought they should, Padres making changes while across the I-5 choices need to be made and we also talked some MMA so be sure to grab this hot show. .. ..Listen Here
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  • 2.22.11 The DuCross Brothers are joined by Strikeforce lightweight fighter JZ Cavalcante to discuss his future plans and where he stands as a fighter plus more. Great listen Listen


Cross Roads


The DuCross Brothers, Were back in action today at the MMA EVOLUTION EXPO: San Diego.  Nice turn out for the first MMA Expo that wasn't UFC, WE have a couple interviews below that everyone should check out. One is a must listen which is Mark Munoz who at the end calls out a TOP UFC FIGHTER.

Some links everyone should check out...








Bellator 122




Friday, JULY 25


Stephen Martinez      vs   Sergio Rios : Winner - Sergio Rios via second round KO (:20)

Joe Duarte                 vs   Saad Awad:  Winner - Saad Awad via first round TKO (1:18)

Fernando Gonzalez   vs   Karl Amoussou: Winner - Fernando Gonzalez via unanimous decision (29-28)

Kelly Anundson         vs   Philipe Lins: Winner - Kelly Anundson via first round TKO (Injury: 1:40)

Poppies Martinez       vs  Bubba Jenkins: Winner - Bubba Jenkins via first round TKO (4:10)

Augusto Sakai            vs  Matt Frembling: Winner - Augusto Sakai via third round TKO (Strikes, 3:32)



Phil Baroni   Vs  Karo Parisyan

Round 1: Karo hits a leg kick to Phil’s left leg and hits a overhand right. Karo is finding a early home with his counter right hooks. Karo rocks Phil with a right uppercut and follows  up with a barrage of punches. Big John jumps in calling a stop to the fight.

Winner: Karo Parisyan via first round KO (punches, 2:06)

Edidijus Valavicius   Vs   Liam McGeary

Round 1: Edidijus lands a nice combo that staggered Liam. Liam lands a hard knee from the clinch and follows with a high leg kick to the head that was partially blocked. Liam rocked Edidijus up against the cage and hits to the body followed with a solid right and a couple lefts till the fight was stopped.

Winner: Liam McGeary via first round TKO (strikes, 2:10)

Brandon Halsey   Vs  Brett Cooper

Round 1: Brandon scores with a early takedown and is able to move to side control. Brandon is working for a armbar, Cooper did his best at avoiding the attempt until Brandon was able to roll Cooper over and go belly down to pull Cooper’s arm and extend.

Winner: Brandon Halsey via first round submission (armbar, 2:09)

Adam McDonough  Vs  Andrey Koreshkov

Round 1: Koreshkov scores with a takedown. Adam throws a high leg kick that was partially blocked. Adam tries for a takedown but is blocked. Koreshkov hits a combo  that sends Adam  back to the cage.

Round 1: Koreshkov (10-9)

Round 2: Adam comes out more aggressive this round. Koreshkov hits Adam with a spinning back kick to the head of Adam that sent Adam back to the cage and down. Korsehkov was overly aggressive to finish and allowed Adam to get back to his feet quickly before any true damage was done. Adam drops down to avoid a uppercut from Koreshkov which then allowed Koreshkov to get top control along the cage, but Adam was able to use the cage to escape back to his feet.

Round 2: Koreshkov (10-9)

Round 3: Koreshkov pushes Adam back to the cage with a body head punch combo. Koreshkov hits a high head kick that sent Adam again to the cage, but Adam bounces off the cage and tries to land a kick of his own that is blocked by Koreshkov. Adam tried for a takedown attempt that Korsehkov had timed well with a sprawl. Koreshkov placed his weight on the back of Adam that allowed him to move to side control and nailed a flesh knee to the ribs at the end of the round.

Round 3: Koreshkov (10-9 Winner: Andrey Koreshkov via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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“Dear Bellator Nation,

I wanted to take a moment and tell you all how excited I am to be a part of the Bellator family. I’ve been working closely with the incredible team here along with our partners at Spike to see how we are going to bring this great company to new heights.

My first order of business is to take a look at the Bellator roster and determine all the exciting possibilities that are in store for the future. Our goal is to make every Bellator event feel BIG and special which is a huge win for fighters, advertisers, and of course- and most importantly- you, the fans. I’ve been on the phone with dozens of fighters and to hear the excitement in their voices has been incredibly encouraging.

I know there are so many questions about what changes may be in store for Bellator. While we are still very early in the process of executing on our long term vision, the plan is simple. We want to put on the most entertaining events possible for YOU. We want Bellator to be a first-choice destination for the best fighters in the world and we want our events to showcase the fun side of the sport – the personality and showmanship that makes MMA so entertaining. This is the best sport in the world and we want our events to demonstrate that for all to see.

We’ve got a ton of work to do, and July 25th is right around the corner. We’ll have more updates in the coming weeks, and I can’t wait to see all of you on Spike TV and at Pechanga in July.

-Scott Coker”

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