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Thanks for staying up to date with and we are working hard on a few things so just continue to be patient with us a little while longer as we continue to get this up and running on our end to re launch The DuCross Brothers: The Sports Warriors radio show. In the mean time you can read the latest mma news at the bottom in the cross roads section and check out our newest hottie of the month Emmanuelle Ethier.


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A new year, a new beginning as our return to the internet talk radio is vastly approaching we bring to you our latest hottie of the month the one and only MINDY FOSTER! dedicated to her craft shows a rare insight into her life and routine. So check our her section by clicking on the sexy side in the upper right hand corner to read her bio oh and we have some pics there as well. We would like to say thank you to Mindy for doing this piece for us and joining the list of wonderful females that have graced us.

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Thanks for the continue support of The DuCross Brothers: The Sports Warriors. First thing we would like to announce is that we will be back in action in the new year so be sure to stay tuned for that. Also, we would like to introduce you to our December hottie of the month Nana Kim....Thank you for doing this and supporting us.


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Everyone we would like to introduce you to the newest hottie of the month, her name is Jackie Boisjoli. We would like to thank her for taking the time to support us in doing this. So, be sure to check out her bio and photos by clicking over to "The Sexy Side".




Everyone we would like to introduce you to the newest hottie of the month, her name is Danielle Barnes. We would like to thank her for taking the time to support us in doing this. So, be sure to check out her bio and photos by clicking over to "The Sexy Side". Also, we wanted to let all of our fans know that we are currently working on a few things...our schedule has been crazy since we now cover Bellator MMA among other MMA events that you will start seeing more MMA Fighter Interviews on here, more recaps of mma events on here as well. Be on the look out for The DuCross Brothers.


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Last Night WCK Muay Thai: Hot Summer nights at Pechanga Resort & Casino put on another spectacular event. If you have never seen a muay thai event in person WCK knows how to put together a show. Below we have posted the results from the show. This show was taped by Fox Sports which will air the fights Friday 12pm to 1am and on Fox Sports San Diego 11pm to 12pm so be sure to catch this event. Check your local listings.

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First thing coming up on our schedule is World Series Of Fighting: #4 which will be in Ontario, CA August 10, 2013 so if you have not gotten tickets for the event please go here....

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Cross Roads

Heavyweight Tournament Semifinals Set at Bellator 116 From Southern California’s Pechanga Resort on Friday, April 11th


Carlos Eduardo

A: 32          H: 6’2’’         W:            R:  103

Hometown: Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil

Record: 11-2 (4 KO’S, 5 SUB’s)



Rodney Wallace

A:  32         H: 5’9’’         W:            R:

Hometown:  Charlotte, NC

Record: 19-8 (6 KO’s, 2 SUB’s)



Winner: Rodney Wallace via Unanimous decision

Philipe Lins

A: 28          H: 6’2’’         W:            R:

Home: Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

Record: 7-0 (4 KO’s, 1 SUB)



Travis Clark

A: 34          H: 6’1’’         W:            R:

Hometown: Morristown, OH

Record: 7-2 (5 KO’s, 1 SUB)


Winner: Philipe Lins via rear naked choke 1st round

Ron Keslar

A: 33          H: 6’0’’         W:            R: 109

Hometown:  San Jose, CA

Record: 11-5 (1 KO, 5 SUB’s)



Karo Parisyan

A: 31          H: 5’10’’          W:            R:  95

Hometown:  North Hollywood, CA

Record:  22-10 (12 Submissions), 1 NC



Winner: Karo Parisyan via KO 2nd Round

Ricky Rainey

A: 30           H: 6’1’’         W:            R:

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Record: 6-2 (3 KO’s, 1 SUB)



Andy Murad

A: 31          H: 5’9’’         W:            R:  99

Hometown: El Cajon, CA

Record: 6-1 (2 KO’s, 1 SUB)


Winner: Ricky Rainey via TKO 1st round 1min: 11 secs

Joe Taimanglo

A: 29          H: 5’4’’          W:            R: 103

Hometown: San Diego, CA (Flag: Guam)

Record: 19-5-1 (4 KO’s, 11 Sub’s)



Rob Emerson

A: 32          H: 5’8’’         W:            R:  104

Hometown: Dana Point, CA

Record: 15-10 (4 KO’s, 5 SUB’s), 1 NC



Winner: Rob Emerson via unanimous decision

Joe Pacheco

A: 29          H: 5’10’’         W:            R: 102

Hometown: Gastonia, NC

Record: 7-1 (1 KO, 4 SUB’s)



Brandon Halsey

A: 27          H: 6’0’’         W:            R: 106

Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA

Record: 5-0 (1 KO, 2 SUB’s)



Winner: Brandon Halsey via unanimous decision

Main Card:

Mighty Mo

A: 43          H: 6’1’’         W:            R:  74’’

Hometown: San Bernardino, CA

Record:  6-2 (4 KO’s, 2 SUB’s)



Alexander Volkov

A:  25         H: 6’6’’         W:            R: 81’’

Hometown:  Moscow, Russia

Record: 20-4 (15 KO’s, 1 SUB)


RD 1: Mighty Mo, rushed in to Alexander Volkov early and moves him right up against the cage. Mighty Mo scored an early takedown, but Volkov was able to walk the cage back to his feet.  Volkov wa able to get a shot in where it bloodied the nose of Mighty Mo. Both fighters come to the near side of the cage with exchanging. Volkov throws a 1 -2 combo and follows right behind it with a high left leg kick to Mighty Mo’s head knocking him out,


Winner: Alexander Volkov via KO 1st Round 2:44

Nathan Coy

A: 35          H:  5’10’’        W:            R: 71’’

Hometown:  Coconut Creek, FL

Record: 14-4 (3 KO’s, 4 SUB’s)



Adam McDonough

A: 28          H: 5’10’’         W:            R: 66’’

Hometown: St. Cloud, MN

Record:  10-0 (5 KO’s, 3 SUB’s)


RD 1:McDonough comes out and hits Coy with a left hook. Coy was able to grapple McDonough and take him to the mat and take his back. McDonough showing tough defense with his back turned and was able to use the cage to walk back to his feet. Coy hits a high leg kick to McDonough that was partly blocked. McDonough rocked Coy with a left that staggered Coy, but Coy was able to shoot in for a takedown attempt. Both fighters back to their feet, Coy lands a hard shot of his own that puts McDonough down.  McDonough stuns Coy and knocks him down to the mat and McDonough rained down some vicious ground and pound that Coy wa able to with stand.

RD 1: Adam McDonough 10-9

RD 2: McDonough hits a hard left hook to Coy that puts him down, then Coy gets back up to get hit again with a Left hook that he didn’t block.

Winner: Adam McDonough via KO strikes 2nd round :37 secs

Joey Beltran

A: 32          H: 6’1’’         W:            R: 72’’

Hometown: Carlsbad, CA

Record: 14-10 (11 KO’s, 1 SUB), 1 NC



Vladimir Matyushenko

A: 43           H: 6’0’’         W:            R:  74’’

Hometown: El Segundo, CA (Flag: Belarus)

Record: 27-7 (9 KO’s, 7 SUB’s)


RD 1:Matyushenko hit Beltran with a grazing left and this a right hook. Matyushenko his a low leg kick to Beltran’s lead leg. Beltran struggling early to fight the distance between him and Matyushenko. Betran and Matyushenko exchange in the middle. Both fighters get in close and Beltran hits with a short upper cut. Beltran won most of the exchanges in that round.

RD1: Joey Beltran 10-9

RD 2:Both fighters come out exchanging in the middle of the octagon. Beltran hits a tight body punch to Matyushenko left side. Matyushenko hit Beltran with a left and followed it up with a right that sends Beltran to the cage; however both fighters back to the center.

RD 2: Draw (both fighters were exhausted and not landing much, but trying to throw)

RD 3:Matyushenko attempted a takedown, but Beltran was able to sprawl to defend. Beltran continues to try and push the fight forward.  Beltran hits a body shot with a right hook and the follows up with a left hook to the head. Beltran lands a good left hook to Matyushenko head. Matyushenko goes for a takedown attempt, but Beltran sprawls and rolls over Matyushenko. Beltran is able to get side control and move to the north south position as he is able to lock in a submission.

Winner: Joey Beltran via submission 3d round 3:06

Blagoi Ivanov vs Lavar Johnson

RD 1:Johnson throws a hard right uppercut, Ivanov eats it but is able to push Johnson up against the cage. Ivanov scores with an early takedown. Johnson was able to reverse and posture up and throw down some heavy punches while Ivanov locked in a heel hook. Johnson hits Ivanov with a suplex to the mat and gets full mount; however Ivanov was able to scramble back to his feet. Ivanov hits a right and then hits a judo toss on Johnson down to the matt. Ivanov has side control and locks in a kimura….Johnson taps.

Winner: Blagoi Ivanov via 1st round submission Kimura 4:08

Bellator Welterweight Tournament Adds Paul Bradley, Nathan Coy & Cristiano Souza

  • War Machine, Joe Riggs and Mark Scanlon Unable To Compete



Newport Beach, Calif. (March 8, 2014) – The Bellator Welterweight Tournament is set to begin on Friday, March 14th and The Toughest Tournament In Sports has received a shakeup as Paul Bradley, Nathan Coy and Cristiano Souza have been added to the field, while War Machine, Joe Riggs and Mark Scanlon have withdrawn from the tournament. The night will be headlined by the trilogy fight between Bellator Featherweight Champion Daniel Straus and challenger Pat Curran, live on Spike Friday, March 14th at 9pm EST/ 8pm CST.  War Machine and Riggs have both withdrawn with documented medical conditions.


With the changes, the tournament pairings have been rearranged. Russian striker Andrey Koreshkov will now face Nah’Shon Burrell, while Bellator veteran Sam Oropeza will now battle Souza. Jesse Juarez will face Adam McDonough, with Bradley and Coy rounding out the eight man field.


“We’ve been riding a great wave of not losing any fights or fighters from our Tournaments. And, while losing any fighter from a tournament is never something we’re happy to see happen, it’s part of the sport  and it’s a huge credit to our talent team to have developed the depth in the division to replace fighters with talent like Paul Bradley, Nathan Coy and Cristiano Souza,” Bellator Chairman & CEO Bjorn Rebney said. “It creates an opportunity for fighters to showcase their skills on a huge platform, and that’s a positive. When you look at a guy like Brennan Ward, he was a fighter that was featured primarily on our preliminary shows, and when injury struck our Middleweight Tournament last year, Brennan stepped up as a last minute replacement and ran through an incredibly tough tournament, and will be fighting for our title against one of the best in the world in Alexander Shlemenko. Injuries can provide those opportunities, and I’m looking forward to seeing if the next Brennan Ward steps up through this new group from The Horseshoe in Hammond, Indiana.”


The full fight card for Bellator 112 can be found below:



Bellator Featherweight World Title Fight: Daniel Straus (22-4) vs. Pat Curran (19-5)

Bellator Welterweight Tournament Opening Round: Andrey Koreshkov (14-1) vs. Nah’ Shon Burrell (11-3)

Bellator Welterweight Tournament Opening Round: Sam Oropeza (10-2) vs. Cristiano Souza (7-0)

Bellator Welterweight Tournament Opening Round: Jesse Juarez (21-8) vs. Adam McDonough (9-0)



Bellator Welterweight Tournament Opening Round: Nathan Coy (13-4) vs. Paul Bradley (21-5)

Welterweight Feature Fight: A.J. Matthews (6-2) vs. Belal Muhammad (4-0)

Bantamweight Feature Fight: Diego Marlon (24-8) vs. Lloyd Carter (5-5)

Featherweight Feature Fight: Darrion Caldwell (3-0) vs. Lance Surma (2-0)

Lightweight Feature Fight: Derek Loffer  (6-2) vs. Bobby Reardanz (8-12)

Light-Heavyweight Feature Fight: Jason Guida (19-27) vs. Anthony Gomez (7-2)

Heavyweight Feature Fight: Daniel James (debut) vs. Erick Correa (2-0)


For more information, visit Bellator.com, follow Bellator on Twitter @BellatorMMA, follow Bellator Chairman & CEO Bjorn Rebney @BjornRebney and check out Bellator on Facebook at www.facebook.com/BellatorMMA

Shlemenko Defends Middleweight Title vs. “The Irish Bad Boy” Brennan Ward March 28th From Utah’s Maverik Center Live On Spike

Hometown Favorite Rad Martinez Returns In Featherweight Action

Newport Beach, Cailf. (January 15, 2014) – A “Storm” is coming to Salt Lake as the always dangerous Alexander Shlemenko will put his Middleweight World Title and twelve fight win streak on the line against Tournament winner Brennan Ward live on Spike TV Friday, March 28th from Utah’s Maverik Center at Bellator 114. The night will also feature the Bellator return of fan favorite and Utah’s own Rad Martinez, who fights Edson Berto in a featherweight battle.

The event will broadcast live at 9 p.m. EST/ 8 p.m. CST on Spike TV. The preliminary card will be streamed live and free on Spike.com beginning at 7 p.m. EST/ 6 p.m. CST. Tickets for the event will be on sale on Friday, January 17th and can be purchased by visiting Ticketmaster.com, Bellator.com and the Maverik Center Box Office.

Entering the fight riding a 12-fight win streak including victories over Doug Marshall, Brett Cooper, Maiquel Falcao and Brian Rogers, Shlemenko is looking to move his record to an incredible 50-7 while defending his Bellator crown yet again, this time against the promising Ward.

“I saw Brennan Ward in the last tournament, he was impressive,” Shlemenko said. “But he is a young fighter, while I have experience on my side.  My experience will be my strongest weapon in this fight.”

Ward punched his ticket to a title shot with three second round finishes during Bellator’s last Middleweight Tournament, including knockout victories over Justin Torrey and Mikkel Parlo. Known for his brash personality and outspoken nature, “The Irish Bad Boy” is ready to make a statement on March 28th.

“Simply put, I'm looking forward to bringing the heat and taking the belt away, Cold War style,” Ward said.

The night will also feature a featherweight showdown between Utah native Rad Martinez, who returns to the Bellator cage after suffering defeat in the Featherweight Tournament finals. Now 35, Martinez is aware the time isn’t on his side, and has decided this fight will be the last in his impressive career. After being introduced to the world on ESPN’s “Outside The Lines” for his incredibly moving story of being the primary caretaker for his seriously injured father was told, Martinez made his mark in Bellator, compiling a 4-1 record including victories of Nazareno Malegarie and Wagnney Fabiano. On March 28th, Martinez will walk away from MMA, but for all the right reasons.

“I like to think I’ve had a pretty good career and as I’m getting older, I’ve got a beautiful wife and a daughter on the way, the time is right to walk away and focus on being a husband and a father,” Martinez said. “The time was right to walk away while I still have my health, and to be a fantastic father and husband. It means so much to me that Bellator would give me my last fight in Utah so I can have a sendoff in front of all my friends and family. Bellator has treated me so well through my career, and I’m incredibly proud to have my last fight in the Bellator cage.” 

More information will be made available in the coming weeks on Bellator 114.

For more information, visit Bellator.com, follow Bellator on Twitter @BellatorMMA, follow Bellator Chairman & CEO Bjorn Rebney @BjornRebney and check out Bellator on Facebook at www.facebook.com/BellatorMMA

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